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Role and Mission of the HATS Conference
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What are interoperability tests of telecommunication equipment?
necessity of interoperability
Major Equipment Tested for Interoperability and number of equipment
HATS Conference Activities and Flow of New Product Development
Activities of Test Implementation Liaison Committee
interoperability test results
 Demonstration Committee
 Relatated Organization, etc
"Overview of HATS"
Seminar on ITU-T hot topics for Standardization (Mar del Plata, Argentina, 2 September 2009)
Result of HATS Interoperability Event on NGN supported by ITU-T
Report of HATS Interoperability Workshop on NGN supported by ITU
HATS Interoperability event on NGN supported by ITU and APT

Role and Mission of the HATS Conference

The HATS Promotion Conference confirms interoperability between products developed by differing manufacturers based on new standards or specifications. It does so by conducting interoperability tests before the products placed on the market, in an environment similar to that of actual use. This process also assures a shared interpretation of the standards and specifications.

Role and Mission of the HATS Conference
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